HYPERFLOW is a manufacturer of innovative process technologies. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, China and has several sales and service centers and after-sales service points in mainland China.

HYPERFLOW pursues excellence, products pursue perfection, and can serve multiple fields. HYPERFLOW products are used in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, chemical and other fields. Our products include pumps, valves, heat exchangers, mixing equipment, etc. There are also many special options for customers to customize. For a long time, HYPERFLOW has provided solutions for customers in the food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, chemical and other industries.

Pursue perfection and dare to innovate.



HYPERFLOW aims to achieve perfection, to create advanced and high-end production equipment for customers, fine processing technology and perfect assembly schedule are the most important guarantee for HYPERFLOW pump service life of more than 20 years. In daily use, high quality guarantees operational reliability. All equipment requires only periodic replacement of seals. We promise that all parts except seals will not be damaged under normal operation. Every HYPERFLOW device can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and be reliable for your company's production.

Innovation and customization

HYPERFLOW invests huge research and development efforts every year in product innovation and technology development. This means that no matter how complex the customer's working conditions are, HYPERFLOW's equipment can handle it with ease, and in order to better adapt to different working environments, each device can be customized to achieve the highest production efficiency. HYPERFLOW is only committed to the production and development of products, the pursuit of perfection, and the implementation of this principle into the development of the enterprise.