Mixing system

On the basis of shear pump and self-priming pump, HYPERFLOW developed an efficient and flexible mixing system. The mixing system is specially developed for dissolving, emulsifying and homogenizing. The whole equipment consists of a self-priming pump and a shearing blender. The powder added from the funnel, will be sucked into the pipeline by the self-priming pump and transported to the shearing blender to achieve full mixing with the liquid. Mixing platform is designed for both manual feeding and auto feeding. HYPERFLOW also offer various options for mixers. Different shearing effects can be achieved by customizing the shearing teeth to meet the complex and changeable requirements of users. The whole system homogenizes at a linear speed of 38m/s at a shear tolerance of 0.4mm. Therefore, the mixing system can complete the processing in a very short time and reduce the time of material staying in the pump to a minimum. Thus greatly simplified the production process, expanded to the application field, so as to achieve the perfect mixing effect. 

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